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causes of binge eating disorder
causes of binge eating disorder

causes of binge eating disorder

causes of binge eating disorder – In a study published in the journal of Neuron, researchers at UNC (school of medicine) recently uncovered that the reason of eating more may be caused due to cellular communication in the brain, especially in the emotion-processing part.

We know that obesity increases the risk of susceptible to chronic diseases such as heart and blood vessels diseases, diabetes, and some cancer types, and it affects nearly 40 % of Americans.

Kash (the study author) thought that causes of binge eating disorder occur due to a neural method in the brain which tells you that the taste of food is delicious, So, the subconscious mind tells you that this food is worth the price you pay for getting it and don’t stop eating it.

causes of binge eating disorder
causes of binge eating disorder

causes of binge eating disorder

Kash and his team uncovered a cellular communication network beginning from the emotional part in our brains, which made the experimental animals in this study continue in eating food although they have got their needs of energy.

Kash’s research focused on a signaling molecule called nociceptin that has many effects on the digestive system (Stomach and intestine) such as increase the urge of more eating, the researchers depend on using engineering mice to give a fluorescent molecule with nociceptin, so that they can notice the cells that were stimulating nociceptin molecules circuits.

The researchers confirmed the emotional response to overeating by one of the nociceptin circuits that run the brain center which regulates eating for each person, and they found that this circuit stemming from a part of the brain called amygdala which responsible for regulation and processing of our emotions

J. Andrew Hardaway Ph.D. (the first author of the study) said that this study is the first one in presenting the way by which the emotional center in the brain that influence the eating for pleasure

and he also showed that the inhibition of nociception receptors help in reducing the consumption of food with high calories, without leaving any bad effect on homeostatic eating.

Is this consider a solution to weight loss?

Yeah, decreasing the nociceptin neurons in this cellular communication highly help in decreasing the rate of weight gain, So, the antagonists of nociception receptor medications would open the door for developing anti-binge-eating and anti-obesity drugs.


as a conclusion, the study teamwork advising to take cautions in determining the sufficient specific neural circuits inside the body, and they told that they work now to know whether antagonists of nociceptin could help in treating pain, psychological disorders or not.



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