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diabetes in pregnancy risks to baby
diabetes in pregnancy risks to baby

diabetes in pregnancy risks to baby

diabetes in pregnancy risks to baby –  diseases and health disorders of pregnant women surely reflects onto the fetus health, and one of the most important and serious healthy cases is pregnancy diabetes, so, through this article on recent research studies site we will explain pregnancy diabetes and its causes and symptoms in details, besides a recent study which uncovered the effect of this healthy case on birth timing.

diabetes in pregnancy risks to baby
diabetes in pregnancy risks to baby

diabetes in pregnancy

In general, diabetes is a disease at which the body lost its ability to control the level of sugar in the blood as a result of low-level of insulin, and for regret, it considered the most common health problem to occur during pregnancy by 3.3 %, and diabetes is divided into two main types, which are:

Type 1 diabetes: occurs due to immune disease and it requires insulin injection daily, the symptoms of this type include: increase in the rate of urination, thirst, highly weight loss, nausea, hunger and vision disorders.

Type 2 diabetes: this type is the most common one of the two types, and it may be treated through oral drugs, the symptoms of this type include: disorders in the urinary system, high rate of urination, thirst, fatigue, and hunger.

the scientists told that diabetes in pregnancy (gestational diabetes) occurs mainly because the placenta produces hormones which lead to an increase in the level of glucose in mother blood, in normal cases the pancreas produces enough amount of insulin to overcome this problem. But if not, the blood glucose will rise which leads to diabetes during pregnancy.

type 2 diabetes and pregnancy

After born, pregnancy diabetes (gestational diabetes) often goes away, but in some cases, it Put mothers in the risk of developing diabetes type 2.

diabetes in pregnancy risks to baby

In some scientific studies, the researchers confirmed that pregnant mothers with diabetes type 1 disease are at high risk to have babies with heart and blood vessels disorders. recently, there is a new study published in the Journal of Annals of Internal Medicine confirmed that diabetes type 1 during pregnancy increases the risk to have a preterm birth.

Jonas F. Ludvigsson (one of the study authors) said that the long-term high level of blood glucose during pregnancy related to many medical complications of the fetus such as preterm birth (when mother HbA1c level is more than 8 To 9 %), besides the high risk of prematurely birth when HbA1c is lower than 6.5 %.

The current study depended on the Swedish Medical Birth Register and the Swedish National Diabetes Register in the period between (2003 to 2014) and they found that 1.16 million babies were born to mothers without Gestational diabetes, and more than 2000 babies were born to mothers with Gestational diabetes.

from the previous data, the scientists found that nearly 22 % of babies born to mothers with diabetes type 1 were prematurely born, while there is only 17 % of babies were born prematurely to mothers without diabetes. They also found that 37 of mothers who suffer from diabetes type 1 and HbA1c level more than 9 % gave premature birth.

Jonas F. Ludvigsson told that this study is the first one to give big and enough data to uncover the link between HbA1c different levels of pregnant women and the rate of preterm and premature birth.

Gestational diabetes other complications

the study mentioned that there are other serious medical complications of Gestational diabetes which may affect the babies born to mothers with diabetes type 1 and high level of HbA1c such as respiratory system problems, hypoglycemia, lack of oxygen.

diabetes in pregnancy guidelines

The American Pregnancy Association developed a new application for smartphones which give important information and guidelines for diabetes during pregnancy, you can get this app for Android from Here and for iOS from Here


At the end, Jonas F. Ludvigsson said that they now will work on studying the long-term effects of Gestational diabetes in the health of children.



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