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does tomato juice lower blood pressure

does tomato juice lower blood pressure

wide range of patients all over the world suffer from high blood pressure (Hypertension), But through this article on recent research studies site; we decided to shed light on one of the newest researches which illustrate the effective role of Tomatoes in lowering the high blood pressure.

does tomato juice lower blood pressure
does tomato juice lower blood pressure

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health benefits in tomatoes

Tomatoes is one of the plants which have plenty of amazing health benefits, such as:

Rich in Antioxidants

Antioxidants help the body to get rid of the free radicals, and tomatoes rich in a compound called (Lycopene) which known with its strong antioxidant properties.

Rich in Vitamins

Tomatoes is an important source of Vitamin C as it Provides the body with nearly 40 % of the daily recommended dose of this vitamin, it also a good supplier of some other vitamins like vitamin A and vitamin K.

Enhance heart health

The antioxidant lycopene in tomatoes has great benefits for heart health, and some scientists told that the high percentage of lycopene in the blood decrease the death rates in the people who diagnosed with some diseases such as heart diseases, Diabetes, Stroke, and the metabolic syndrome.

The regular intake of tomatoes helps greatly in decreasing lipid peroxidation process inside the body (a process which results in the formation of free radicals) so eating tomatoes decreases free radicals formation and thus protects us against heart diseases.

Improve Vision

The compound Lycopene helps also in improving eyes health, Tomatoes also contain some other compounds such as Beta Carotene and Lutein which help greatly in protecting the eye from some diseases such as muscular degeneration and Cataract.

Improve Digestive Health

Scientists also approved that the regular intake of tomatoes helps greatly in improving and facilitating the digestive process and protect from many digestive system disorders.

Protect from Cancer

In a study published in 2017, the researchers confirmed that after eating tomatoes, it left a huge amount of Carotenoids inside the body which play a vital role in protecting our bodies from Ultra-violet rays, therefore, it prevents skin cancer.

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Drinking Tomato Juice lower blood pressure

Among the health benefits of tomatoes, there is a new study published in Food Science and Nutrition journal has uncovered that the drinking of tomatoes juice (unsalted) can help in lowering blood pressure and cholesterol levels in the blood especially for the patients who are at high risk of developing cardiovascular diseases.

This study took place in Medical and Dental University in Tokyo, Japan, and it depended on 500 participants, and this study concluded that regular drinking of tomatoes juice succeeded in lowering the blood pressure for 94 patients with pre-hypertension.

The study results showed that systolic blood pressure decreased nearly from 141.2 to 137 mm Hg, and the diastolic blood pressure decreased nearly from 83.3 to 80.9 mm Hg, beside that, the bad cholesterol (low-density lipoprotein ـ LDL) in 125 patients decreased nearly from 155 to 149.9 mg %.


It is clear that the Fruits especially who has a low amount of carbohydrates are filled with beneficial nutrients, so, it has a direct and positive effect on the overall body health.



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