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elderberry and covid Is it safe and help in curing
elderberry and covid Is it safe and help in curing

elderberry and covid: Is it safe and help in curing?

elderberry and covid many studies were performed on elderberry to find out the impact of this plant on the Covid epidemic. As More people than ever before are looking for home remedies against the covid virus to maintain their health and prevent side effects that many patients experience when using the classic treatment.

elderberry and covid

The Elderberry has a scientific name, which is (Sambucus nigra) It is a dark purple berry plant that grows mainly in Europe and some parts of Asia and North America and in North Africa as well. It contains many health-promoting substances such as anthocyanins and flavonoids. And it is well known for its role in boosting the immune system naturally and supporting digestion and the overall gut health.

 is elderberry good for covid recovery ?

For centuries; elderberry has been used as the famous and ultimate home remedy for curing respiratory problems. some studies as well  approved the efficiency of elderberry for the upper respiratory disorders and a great efficacy also on treating colds and flu. So; Scientists have hypothesized that elderberry  may have a significant role in relieving the symptoms and treatment of COVID-19.

The COID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) virus always attacks type II cells like the influenza virus, thus damaging many neighboring cells and releasing pro-inflammatory factors which called cytokines. And elderberry can help here in activating the immune system and enhancing the immunoprotective effect on viruses.

So getting elderberries supplements with patient who diagnosed COVID -19 in the early stages; may help in reducing some of its adverse symptoms.

In the contest of elderberry and covid ; it is worth also to mentioning that a 2019 trial study confirmed the therapeutic effect of elderberry extract  in the treatment of  upper respiratory symptoms  and its role also against the influenza virus, that attributed to its antibacterial and antiviral properties.

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How to take Elderberry ?

There are many ways to take elderberry for cobid-19; as follows:

Gummies of elderberry

the gummies of elderberry are considered a very delicious chewable form of this health extract; and anyone can buy it from the shops; these gummies contain additional compound such as vitamin C and Zinc that also help in boosting the immune system.

Syrup of elderberry

you can make your own elderberry syrup in home or buy it from the store; it also has a good taste and backed with many other immune enhancing compounds.

elderberry tea

It consists of elderberry; cinnamon and water; by adding these ingredients in a boil; and after 10 – 15 min; raise the tea and add a teaspoon  of honey to sweetened it and adjust its taste; this tea can help in boosting the immune system and relieve COVID-19 and flu symptoms.

how much elderberry should you take for covid

 The recommended daily dosage of elderberry extract is 150-300 mg/day ; put you should ask your doctor always for the ideal daily dosage you should take for COVID-19 or any other treating purpose.

what are negative side effects of elderberry?

Despite the important health benefits of elderberry; put it sometimes may cause some negative side effects; such as:

  • The raw fruit: Eating raw elderberry fruit can result in gastrointestinal disorders and dehydration, so you should replace it with elderberry extract gummies; syrup; or tea.
  • Affect Diabetes: the elderberry may leave an effect on the level of glucose and insulin in the blood, so diabetic people should avoid taking elderberry before asking their physician.

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