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genetically modified organisms pros and cons

genetically modified organisms pros and cons

Of course, the genetically modified organisms (GMOs) whether plants or animals have many pros but it although have a wide range of cons, So, we decided to discuss this issue through Recent Research Studies site by illustrating the genetically modified organisms advantages and disadvantages in details.

genetically modified organisms pros and cons
genetically modified organisms pros and cons

Genetically modified organisms

the Genetically modified organisms (or: GMOs) referred to the organisms or the microorganisms which whose genetic materials make-up were manipulated by inserting a part of the genetic material (DNA) from another organism artificially, and this modification divided into two types:

A) Transgenic modification: whereby the organism receives a part of the DNA from another species.

B) Cisgenic modification: whereby the organism receives a part of the DNA from another organism belonging to the same species.

the cisgenic modification is thought to be safer than the other type, but in general, there are many concerns about all gene modification types, however, there are limitless benefits of genetic engineering.

Everyone should know all the facts about genetically modified organisms before making the judgment, for this reason, we decided to illustrate all genetically modified organisms pros and cons in the following paragraphs …

genetically modified organisms pros

We can conclude the benefits of GMOs in the following points:

  • genetically modified plants can have high nutritional values, produce more yields, grow very quickly, need less fertilizer and have the ability to resist the pesticides.
  • the implantation of the genetic material (DNA) from an organism to another organism that belongs to a different species can save much more years of scientific research to know the effect of this artificial gene modification which may take many decades to be achieved naturally; thus discovering the behavior of the organisms when undergoing gene modification earlier.
  • the experiments which the scientists do on genetically modified organisms or microorganisms greatly help in making the animals (and theoretically, the human) cells better and healthier, which open the way for making new benefit scientific researches and studies.
  • The scientists presented the GMOs nearly twenty years ago, thus any concerns about its effect on health must be apparent now.
  • The artificial change which occurs in the genetic behavior of the GMOs can be beneficial by a high percentage.

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genetically modified organisms cons

As for the disadvantages of GMOs, they are as follow:

  • Studies showed that the rats which fed on genetically modified plants such as Soy and Corn Increased the risk of  exposure to Kidney and liver diseases, although, these health defects are not transferable to human, it reflects the unexpected effect of GMOs on the living organisms.
  • the experiments and animal trials of GMOs aren’t always thoroughly tested, it is nearly tested for 90 days only, thus many scientists fear about this short testing time because it is not enough for the appearance of all risks.
  • The Transgenic modification of the organisms result in the production of strange types of organisms which can not occur naturally (at least nowadays), thus these new GMOs come with highly unpredictable and unusual behavior.
  • some researches have shown that this GMOs maybe affect the people who suffer from allergies in an unpredictable manner.
  • One of the aims of GMOs is to reduce the usage of pesticides, but it is not the case always; because when bacteria and weeds become resistant to pesticides; of course we will use more pesticides to protect the crops.
  • Many times the products of GMO aren’t be labeled, So, people lose their right to choose and decide whether they want to consume the GMOs products or not.
  • The GMOs experiments usually performed on animals and many people think that it is a type of violations of animal rights.

 After having read all of genetically modified organisms advantages and disadvantages, what’s your opinion? are you with or against GMOs ?? 

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