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Health benefits of keto diet
Health benefits of keto diet

Health Benefits of Keto Diet

Benefits of keto diet are various because it is a healthy diet, which causes the body to release ketones into the bloodstream.

You will get so many benefits of keto diet because it is rich in proteins and healthy fats, and it typically includes plenty of meats, sausages, eggs, cheeses, fish, nuts, and fibrous vegetables.

Health benefits of keto diet
Health benefits of keto diet

The most important Health benefits of keto diet

In most scientific studies, they proved that low-carb diets are rich in many health benefits, and the researchers came with a new study that confirmed keto diet not only causes more weight loss; but also leads to large improvements in risk factors for heart disease and cholesterol too.

Therefore, we will tell you 10 proven health benefits of keto diet in the following lines:

  • Studies indicate that following keto diet can lead to an automatic reduction in appetite because you will find yourself eating far fewer calories when you cut carbs and have more fat and protein from that diet.
  • Studies illustrate that all the people who follow low-carb diets “keto diet” lose more weight in a very short time, and they will get quick results than those who on low-fat diets because you will notice that keto diet acts to rid excess water from your body, so you will lose your weight in short period.
  • You can lose your fats in almost six months if you are on the keto diet because there is a study on obese adults found a low-carb diet very effective and they lose their weight during those months.
  • if you want to get rid of abdominal fat, then you will find that keto diet is the best available option for you because it is very effective at reducing these harmful abdominal fats.
  • Some studies confirmed that keto diet can lead to a drastically reduced risk of heart diseases and type 2 diabetes
  • Keto diet can low blood triglycerides, so you will be protected from the risk of heart diseases.

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The most popular studies about the benefits of keto diet

So many studies talked about keto diet and its health benefits, and the most popular studies are in the following points.

  • There are various studies that shown the great benefits of keto diet in a variety of neurological disorders, such as epilepsy, dementia, ALS, traumatic brain injury, acne, and metabolic disorders.
  • According to the study done by Sahama et al., there is a relationship between keto diet and weight loss because it showed that this kind of diet is 3 times more effective in weight loss than the low-fat diet.
  • An observational study was done by Leonetti et al., showed that keto diet is effective and safe in a morbidly obese patient, and it is necessary before the bariatric surgery.
  • there are some histologic studies presented in an experimental study done on rats by Khalifa et al. confirmed that keto diet has a significant beneficial effect in improving the diabetic state because it can stabilize hyperglycemia, so it will improve B-cell function.
  • According to the study done by Talib et al., on human, it found that the keto diet has a great ability to decrease the creatinine level compared to the low-calorie intake levels, which presented an increase in creatinine level.
  • An EMPA-REG study showed the benefits of keto diet in making your heart work efficiency, so it plays an important role in decreasing the incidence and progression of heart failure. 

Important note: there are so many studies proved that patients with kidney disease have to stay away from this diet because it could worsen their condition by the time, and they may have bad breath, nausea, vomiting, and suffering from sleep problems.





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