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how to look younger man
how to look younger man

how to look younger man ? It’s not impossible

how to look younger man ??! In a primary study published in Aging Cell journal, some scientists reported that it is possible to reverse the human biological age; so that, the person appears younger and healthier than his actual age, and the study included both men and women.

how to look younger man ??!

For getting the brief answer on the question of how to be younger man or women ; the study depended on the combination of three drugs which are two ant-diabetic drugs and one type of growth hormones, and this drug combination succeeded in reducing the average age of nearly nine patients by nearly two years and a half, and this result is expected to open a real door to answer the question: how to look younger man  or younger woman ??!

how to look younger man
how to look younger man

biological age

while we think that age can be determined through the number of years in life , the scientists have another opinion, because they use some chemical tests to detect any chemical deviations in the human DNA and thus determine his actual age which known as ” the biological age ”

For example , If there are 5 persons of 35 years old, by detecting the biological age; we will find great differences between them according to the rate and the percent of DNA chemical changes for each of them.

how can a 60 year old man look younger

In the current study, The scientists asked nine patients to follow a diet that required taking of taking one growth hormone and two diabetic drugs, and by using some biochemical tests to measure the biological age; scientists surprised when finding that biological ages the patients were reversed by almost 2.5 years.

In addition, when the scientists took blood samples from 6 of the same patients after six months; they found that the drug combination effects stilled on the DNA age without change.

One of the study authors Steve Horvath (from the University of California, Los Angeles) said that he expected to find a slowing down in progress but not a reversal in the biological age.

how can a man retain a younger face

However, the previous study showed great and unexpected results in the role of growth hormone and anti-diabetic drugs in retaining a younger age and healthier DNA, But the scientists ensured that it needs more and more studies, animal trials, clinical trials to use it safely in the future.

The scientists said also that the sample was small and include nine volunteer males only and their ages were between 51 and 65 years, and it is interestingly to know the effect of this study on many people of different ages, different health states, and different countries to approve the results.

While there is another study author Gregory Fahy who said that the original mechanism of the three drugs in reversing the biological age can not be determined without many other studies, which will be performed soon.


And from recent research studies site, we think that this new discover won’t help only in reversing the age; but it will help also in protecting from diseases and preventing its progress as well. And please always remember that being a young soul is your decide!


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