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how to make your nails grow longer
how to make your nails grow longer

how to make your nails grow longer – new study

how to make your nails grow longer

how to make your nails grow longer ? no doubt that fingernails are one of the most important beauty parameters especially for women, but for regret, many people fail in growing and strengthening their nails for many reasons like bacterial, fungal infections and so on.

But as usual recent research studies site will illustrate accurately a new study which presented a new treatment pathway to get rid of the nails fungal infection depending on nanotechnology.

how to make your nails grow longer
how to make your nails grow longer

Fingernails and overall health

Do you know that nails health reflects your body health? yeah, it’s true, the strength and the normal color of nails mean good overall health, and the opposite is right.

usually, the healthy fingernails must be: have no grooves or dents, strong, smooth and have consistent color.

So, if your nails grow slowly and you want to make your nails grow faster, you must continue reading this article because we will illustrate the following points in details:

  • Main causes of unhealthy nails.
  • how to make your nails grow longer (Vital home remedies for nails growth).
  • Study: treating nail fungus with nanotechnology

 Causes of unhealthy nails

there are many reasons which make nails unhealthy, weak, and slowly grow, such as:

  1. skin disorder
  2. malnutrition
  3. thyroid disease.
  4. psoriasis.
  5. fungal infections.
  6. metabolic conditions.
  7. side effects of some drugs.
  8. systemic diseases.
  9. zinc deficiency.
  10. High fever.
  11. pneumonia.
  12. Iron deficiency anemia
  13. uncontrolled sugar level in blood (diabetes).
  14. some cardiovascular diseases.
  15. Liver diseases.
  16. kidney disease
  17. Injury to nails.
  18. harmful nails products.
  19. the patients who under the influence of chemotherapy.
  20. in the case of CO or Arsenic poisoning.

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how to make your nails grow longer

from Recent Research Studies site, we will offer you some vital home remedies for nail growth, such as:
  • Vitamin B7 (Biotin):

This type of vitamin B is very important in giving our bodies the ability to convert food into energy,  and it is widely used in many supplements to enhance the strengthening of both hair and nails.

we can found Biotin naturally in whole grains, nuts, some fish types (like sardines), eggs, bananas, mushrooms, and brewer’s yeast.

and there are some clinical trials and studies showed that the taking of Biotin supplements daily (2.5 mg/ day) can make nails grow longer and faster through a few weeks.

  • Orange Juice:

Orange juice contains vitamin C which helps in the formation of collagen, therefore it plays an important role in keeping nails healthy, it also contains vitamin B9 (Folate) that enhance healthy nails growth.

you can drink more fresh orange juice, or soak your nails in it for 10 minutes, then rinse it with warm water and apply a moisturizer, you can repeat this once daily until getting positive results.

  • Tomatoes:

do you know that tomatoes and tomatoes juice also helping in nails growth and making it more thick and shiny ?! yes, tomatoes contain a good amount of Biotin (Vitamin B7), vitamin A, and vitamin C which are very important for nails growth and strengthening..

you can use tomatoes for this purpose by mixing 150 ml of tomatoes juice with 100 ml of olive oil, then dip your nails in this mixture for 10 minutes, and repeat this treatment once a daily until good results.

how to grow strong nails naturally

  • Flaxseed Oil:

Flaxseed oil is very effective in growing nails because it contains many natural compounds such as Omega-3, vitamin B complex, and proteins, besides some important minerals, such as Zinc, potassium, and magnesium.

you can use this oil to make gently massage for nails, then wear gloves for 2 – 3 hours, and repeat this remedy 1 – 2 times a day.

  • Horsetail herb:

Horsetail herb is used for centuries as a natural home remedy for nails growth as it contains Silica, Calcium and some other minerals.

you can use this herb through boil 350 gm of its stems in a cup of water for ten minutes, then allow it to cool down for another 10 minutes, strain the solution, then dip your nails in it, and repeat this 4 times a week.

  • Olive oil:

Olive oil contains a good percent of vitamin E, and it is considered an excellent moisturizer for nails, this home remedy not only helps in nails growth; but it also helps in repairing damaged nails.

you can soak your nails in warm olive oil for 15 minutes, or massage your nails with it for 5 minutes and wear soft gloves overnight, and repeat any of these two methods once a day.

  •  Lemons:

lemon juice can do wonders for nails growth, and giving them a nice shine; because it contains a good amount of Vitamin C, which is essential for building and growth of nails.

you can use a slice of lemon and rub it gently on nails, or make a mixture of (100 ml of lemons juice) and (200 ml of olive oil), then soak your nails in this solution for 10 minutes, and repeat this once a daily.

how to make long nails at home

  • Coconut oil:

Coconut oil works very well for nails growth; because it is a good source of many nutritional compounds that are essential to keep nails strong and moisturized, and it also plays an important role in treating bacterial and fungal nails infections.

  • Stinging Nettle:

Stinging Nettle also used since hundreds of years ago to promote nails growth, because it contains Silica and other elements which help in the formation of nails.

you can use this herb by adding 100 gm of its dried leaves to a cup of hot water, leave it for 10 minutes, strain the solution, add a spoon of honey, then drink it once a daily.

  • Egg yolk:

Egg yolk is important in treating dry nails because it contains many fatty acids, you can use it by adding one egg yolk to a cup of milk, then massage your nails with this mixture, leave it for at least 10 minutes, then rinse it completely, and repeat it 3 times a week.

  • Shea Butter:

Shea Butter is considered a wonderful moisturizer for nails and it helps in their growth and strengthening, you can use it by rubbing a small amount into nails for 20 minutes.

how to make your nails grow longer
how to make your nails grow longer

Study: treating nail fungus with nanotechnology

In a study performed at George Washington University and published in 2018 in the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology; it showed that nanotechnology technique has the ability to improve the efficiency of a drug called (efinaconazole) in treating nails fungus infections (Onychomycosis).

efinaconazole is the most recent treatment for penetrating and treating nails and is considered the most effective treatment among topical antifungal drugs, but many patients don’t prefer using this drug because of its high cost (one bottle price is: 600 $).

Adam Friedman, the author of the study and his team, was noticed that when using a combination of (a small amount of efinaconazole) and (nitric oxide-releasing nanoparticles) it gives the same antifungal effect.

and the used amount of efinaconazole in this study is considered a fraction of the amount of the medication alone needed to give the same effect.

the author says that the effect of this combination gives a higher efficiency than any of them alone, besides the ability of nanoparticles to reach infections at (difficult to reach areas); while the keeping of activity across nail plate is the most common impediment which faces many antifungal drugs.

Friedman also explained that this new combination of the medication and nanoparticles will be very safe to the human cells.


the study teamwork reported that there is a need to further research studies on the effect of this new combination against nails fungal infection; to know the efficacy of this treatment on clinical trials.


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