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new prostate cancer treatment 100 effective by gold nanoparticles
new prostate cancer treatment 100 effective by gold nanoparticles

new prostate cancer treatment 100 effective by gold nanoparticles – new study

new prostate cancer treatment 100 effective by gold nanoparticles

Date: Oct. 24, 2018

University: Texas university (UTHealth)

Summary: there’s a new clinical trial depends on gold nanoparticles in removing prostate cancerous cells successfully.

new prostate cancer treatment 100 effective by gold nanoparticles
new prostate cancer treatment 100 effective by gold nanoparticles

Prostate cancer

The prostate gland is the part which responsible for the seminal fluid production in men, and when the cells inside this gland grow out of control it results in the prostate cancer, and there are many symptoms associated with this disease, includes:

  • Difficulties in urination, beside a noticeable decrease in the force of the urine stream.
  • Feeling of pain in the bones of the pelvic area.
  • Appearing of blood in semen.
  • Fertility troubles such as erectile dysfunction.

Till now there’s no specific reason of prostate cancer but on the cellular level this disease begins when some cells converted into mutated cells and accumulate in the gland resulting in the prostate tumor, unfortunately, there are some complications which may occur unless prostate cancer discovered and treated quickly, such as:

  • Metastasize of the cancer cells to other near organs like the bladder, and bones.
  • Urinary incontinence which occurs due to prostate cancer or its treatment.
  • Erectile dysfunction also may occur due to the disease or its treatment like chemotherapy, radiotherapy, hormone therapy, and surgery.

notice: there are some factors which increase the risk of prostate cancer, including:

  • Obesity.
  • Age.
  • Family history: especially the family members which carry BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes.
  • Black men: there are no determined reasons but some studies approved that black man more likely to develop prostate cancer.

Everyone can protect himself from developing prostate cancer by feeding on a healthy diet, eating more fruits and vegetables to get antioxidants and get rid of free radicals, doing some exercises 2 – 3 times a week at least, taking some supplements of vitamins and minerals (After asking the doctor), and quit Smoking and alcohol drinks.

Gold nanoparticles

In general, the nanoparticles are very tiny particles in the nanoscale (1 nm = 10-9 m) which have chemical and physical properties completely different from the bulk material.

For gold, scientists used this metal for many decades in medical treatments, and because gold has no any harmful side effects; scientists also used it recently in the preparation of nanorods and nanospheres and used them in many drug delivery and treatment applications such as cancer treatment and nanobiotics (antibiotics).

Nanorods are gold nanoparticles in a cylinder shape, while nanospheres are gold coating around silica core, the scientists can synthesize both of Nanorods and nanospheres  at different diameters which allow them to change the wavelength of the light which the nanoparticles absorb and therefore they developed some methods for (localized heat treatment) of diseased parts inside the body using Hyperthermia therapy.

new prostate cancer treatment 100 effective

By using gold nanoparticles scientists at Texas university (Health Science Center at Houston) succeeded in developing new prostate cancer treatment 100 effective by gold nanoparticles

The scientists made nanoshells by using small silica glass layers formed into nanospheres and then wrapped in a very thin layer of gold, after that this nanoshells saturate the cancer cells, thereby the vibrational properties of these shells employed to force cancer cells to pulse with the very high temperature when exposed to laser which suitable to excite the nanoparticles.

new prostate cancer treatment 100 effective by gold nanoparticles

Steven Canfield (the author of the study) says that this treatment help in making oscillations which kills cancerous cells and preserves the normal ones without any harmful effects, and this new prostate cancer treatment 100 effective and protect the patient from the other treatments complications such as urinary incontinence and infertility, and this trial is the first one of its kind all over the world.

Canfield also says that this treatment has no harmful side effects when compared with the traditional and painful treatments especially the radical prostatectomy, radiation, and chemotherapy, but this new trial has no any bad effects and the patient who underwent this trial was riding his bike within a week after the treatment.

The success of this trial return to the ultrasound imaging technology which helps in accurate diagnosis of cancer, besides the nanotechnology which helps also in accurately targeting the cancer tissue, this techniques allows the scientists to amazingly accurate in obliterating the cancer cells, the author also illustrates that they will continue in tracking this important and interesting treatment to reach the extremely improvement of prostate cancer treatment which considered new prostate cancer treatment 100 effective.

Doug Flewellen, the first patient who received this new treatment thinks that this treatment should apply with no-brainer, he also says that no one wants to undergo prostate radical removal and the disease also will aggravate, Flewellen also says that the side effects of all traditional treatments weren’t worth him, and he found no problems to be the first person to try this most cutting-edge technology in prostate cancer treatment, he also hopes to see the nanotechnology treatment in the future is an available option for any patient diagnosed with prostate cancer.

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We also in recent research studies site hopes to develop nano-therapy more and more to be a vital treatment for many difficult diseases especially cancer disease types, and we promise our visitors to illustrate all important recent studies and trials in new medical research and BioNanoScience to give the hope to all patient by showing the most effective cures.

At the end we must note that (Naomi Halas), the head of nanophotonics laboratory in Rice University is the scientist who invented the gold nanoparticles, and professor Canfield work closely with both Halas and the company that licensed the nanoshells (Nanospectra Biosciences company), to make incorporation of the most recent technology into the trial which underway at Mount Sinai at the school of medicine (Icahn) and Michigan University to know the efficacy level this new therapy.


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