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remedy for lice in the hair at home lice removal
remedy for lice in the hair at home lice removal

remedy for lice in the hair at home lice removal

remedy for lice in the hair at home lice removal is considered one of the most important treatment types that mothers usually depend on for treating and preventing their children’s head lice infection. Although there is a lack of scientific shreds of evidence about the effectiveness of most of these home remedies, the use experiments showed that using natural remedies for hair lice is safe and effective.

remedy for lice in the hair at home lice removal

There is a list of the most effective remedy for lice in the hair at home:

Anise oil

In a 2018 scientific research study, it has appeared that Anise oil is the most effective and safe remedy for head lice; because it has the ability to cover and suffocate the lice completely.

The Anise oil also considered one of the remedies that give permanent effect in the elimination of lice when compared with other lice herbal remedies, as people reported that when using other natural herbs for the same purpose; the infection appeared again after nearly 2 months.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is a popular home remedy for hair and skin problems, furthermore; In a study performed by a group of researchers in Brazil in 2010, in order to uncover the effect of several natural and herbal products on the elimination of children head lice infection; they found that the Coconut oil succeeded in killing almost 80 % of all head lice through 4 hours only, and this effect is long-lasting forever.

at home lice removal remedies

Depending on huge numbers of usage experiments and the opinions of experts and researchers in the field of children and adults hair lice treatments, there are some other remedies that were confirmed to leave a great effect on killing head lice effectively, such as:

Petroleum jelly

Some researchers supposed that Petroleum jelly may have the ability to eliminate head lice through suffocating the insects and their eggs also, but the user must keep in mind that Petroleum jelly has a greasy and messy nature; so it requires washing hair with shampoo many times after using.

It’s worth mentioning that the most important value of using Petroleum jelly for killing hair lice is the most suitable lice remedy for people who show resistance against lice-killing treatments and people who also have allergic reactions against lice shampoos.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is well known for having effective antimicrobial properties, and in a study published in 2010; the researchers observed the effect of a mixture consists of tea tree oil and lavender oil on killing head lice in a group of 42 participants.

The results of this study reported that after 3 treatment intervals a week, 41 of the participants got rid completely of head lice, and this rate is considered very successful when compared with the traditional, prescription, or over-the-counter treatments.

But the concern here which related to the using of tea tree oil for head lice is being in that the oil may cause irritation and skin rash which some people may exhibit.

olive oil for lice removal

Olive oil is well known for its positive effect on hair and scalp and the rid of lice infection because its effect mimics the effect of anise oil in covering, suffocating, and killing all head lice, it was also ranked in 2018 as one of the most effective natural remedies of hair lice which prevent the infection from coming back again permanently.

mayonnaise for lice removal

At first; we must mention that there is no scientific evidence that confirmed the role of mayonnaise in killing or treating lice, However, some people think that mayonnaise can smother lice thus making it easier to comb it out of the hair, and other people suppose also that mayonnaise has a good role in reliving the scalp irritation and itching which the lice cause.

After showing the most important and effective list of remedy for lice in the hair at home lice removal ; it is very important to mention that prevention is the best, so everyone must keen on personal hygiene and washing all Home furnishings repeatedly, and prevent the child from being in a place crowded with children for a long time.

It is also important to not use any lice remedies which previously mentioned in the case of having any skin disease or burns or wounds except after asking the physician.


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