treating high blood pressure without medicine – new study

treating high blood pressure without medicine

treating high blood pressure without medicine
treating high blood pressure without medicine

treating high blood pressure without medicine – people who diagnosed with high blood pressure (hypertension) have a wide range of drugs and medical treatments which lead to lowering blood pressure level, but on another hand; these drugs leave serious side effects, so, how to eliminate this health disorder without harmful side effect?!

Through searching in the most recent research studies; we found a new study which illustrates a surgery that gives great hope for treating high blood pressure without medicine , the following paragraphs will explain this study in details.

treating high blood pressure without medicine

the study published in the circulation journal showed that one-off surgery in the clinical trials succeeded in lowering the blood pressure level for a long time (6 months) because this operation targets some nerves which connected directly to the kidney, and the scientists called this operation (Renal denervation)

And the patients who underwent this operation at the American College of Cardiology Conference (USA) required fewer blood pressure drugs, the scientists think that if this results confirmed by longer and larger clinical trials; it would offer hope to all patients who don’t respond to blood pressure medications and who are at the risk of developing heart and cardiovascular diseases.

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there are also international clinical trials performed at Biomedical Research Centre (UK) and tested this one-hour surgery (renal denervation), which depends on ultrasound energy to disrupt distinct nerves that control the blood pressure level through carrying the signals between the kidney and the brain.

depending on the previous study’s findings; the scientists randomly chose the patients from many countries (includes: United States, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, and France) to receive either (renal denervation) or placebo procedures (sham procedure).

after these clinical trials, it’s cleared that renal denervation operation results in a safe and significant effect in lowering the blood pressure level after 2 months in patients who didn’t take high blood pressure medications.

treating high blood pressure without medicine
treating high blood pressure without medicine

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the scientists carried out the second part of this study by studying (140)  high blood pressure patients to know of this one-off operation (renal denervation) will remain effective in the patient who can restart his hypertension medication if required, and the results showed that:

A) Renal denervation has a good effect in lowering blood pressure which maintained for 6 months after performing the operation, and the percentage of controlling the blood pressure in the patients who treated with renal denervation is (58 %) compared to the sham procedure which achieved only (42 %)

B) In spite of many patients required the addition of medical drugs to control the blood pressure, but the study results showed that many patients were not required medications for 6 months at the percentage of (35.5 % for the renal denervation) and (15.5 % for the sham procedure).

C) Renal denervation also succeeded in a significant reduction in blood pressure at 6 months by (18.1 mmHg), while the sham procedure reduced the blood pressure level only by (15.6 mmHg).

B) These successful clinical trial confirmed that there are no safety concerns neither in (renal denervation) group nor in (sham procedure) group throughout the 6 months.


The author of the study Professor Melvin Lobo, told that the long term efficacy and safety clinical trial of renal denervation therapy, would be a successful alternative treatment to the lifelong medications for blood pressure.


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