when will the male contraceptive pill be available – new study

when will the male contraceptive pill be available ?!

when will the male contraceptive pill be available ? we always hear about the women contraceptive pills, and many people wonder, why there is no contraceptive pills for men? but by searching among recent research studies; we found that a team of researchers and scientists succeeded in producing the first male contraceptive pills that would help in preventing pregnancy safely.

when will the male contraceptive pill be available
when will the male contraceptive pill be available

male birth control pill

The study that published in The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism in March 2019 presented a new drug that contains two hormones which are: (the male hormone testosterone & the female hormone progestin).

One of the study author, Dr. Christina Wang, illustrates that all available male birth control pills now had led to an imbalance in the levels of these hormones in the body, and although these pills considered effective contraception; but it had a bad effect on men fertility, thus it was unacceptable.

Dr. Christina also says that this new drug has the ability to make a balance between testosterone and progestin hormones in the body, therefore there is no decrease in male fertility.

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how would male birth control work

The scientists noticed that the administration of both testosterone and progestin separately will help in preventing sperms production plus a reduction in the level of natural testosterone, but this effect is accompanied by some serious side effects like lowered fertility, high risk of blood clot, and depression.

So, in the new drug, this harmful effect was balanced by additional testosterone hormone inside the pills, because they want the two hormones to come on and decrease together.

Stephanie Page, one of the study teamwork, said that this new drug mimics the testosterone hormone in all body parts, but its concentration isn’t enough inside the testes to produce sperms.

what happens if a man takes birth control regularly  

To know what happens if a man takes birth control regularly; the current study performed some clinical trials of this drug pills on 40 participants to test its safety, as follows:

  1. 14 volunteers were given 200 mg pills.
  2. 16 volunteers were given 400 mg pills.
  3. 10 volunteers were given placebo pills.

And the results of these clinical trials showed that:

  • No one of participated men exhibited any side effects which commonly occur due to low levels of testosterone such as hypertension and depression.
  • But some side effects were reported including acne, mild erectile dysfunction, headache, tiredness, and weight gain.
  • 3 of the volunteers who took placebo pills also exhibited these side effects.

Wang also said that the long term clinical trials weren’t studied yet, and at present, the researchers administered this new contraceptive pill to animals to study its effects before giving it to humans for a long period.

But because most of the men don’t prefer taking pills daily; the researchers aim and try to convert these pills into injections, so that they can take it at regular intervals.


Dr. Page said that their goal is to develop a new male birth control pills with higher efficiency and fewer side effects, and we are on recent research studies site consider this new contraceptive pill is an excellent attempt to push the contraceptive field toward progress.


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