Yeast & Gold, Killed Cancerous Cells effectively -new study

Yeast & Gold, Killed Cancerous Cells effectively

Yeast & Gold, Killed Cancerous Cells effectively
Yeast & Gold, Killed Cancerous Cells effectively

Date: 15 Sept. 2016

University: Cairo University – National Institute of laser enhanced sciences (NILES)

Techniques: Cytotoxicity, Nanotechnology

Summary: Unique Nanoparticles succeeded in killing Cancerous Cells in vitro

Study Story

By using nanotechnology applications, natural products, and useful living microorganisms; Cairo university researchers introduce a new way to reduce and treat cancer disease by the combination between two successful treatment pathways.

The story of this study began when the research team work at NILES found that all cancer treatments especially chemical treatments leave some toxins in the body which have serious side effects, and nanoparticles (which chemically synthesized) produce a good effect in killing cancerous cells, but it also may result in harmful side effects.

For the previous reasons; the development of environmentally benign nanoparticles and nanocomposites has growing interest, and in another hand, there are some previous studies found that the heat killed yeast especially Baker’s yeast succeeded in killing cancer cells when cultured with them in vitro.

So, what about the green bio-synthesis of nanoparticles using heat-killed Baker’s yeast?

The teamwork of the current study succeeded in the biosynthesis of gold nanoparticles in a moderate size by using Baker’s Yeast extraction under the effect of normal (visible) light, and evaluate the effect of this biosynthesized nanoparticles on killing cancerous cells in vitro using a type of cancer cells called Ehrlich ascites carcinoma cells.

The study was performed in 3 groups:

group no. 1: evaluating the effect of chemically synthesized gold nanoparticles on cancer cells killing

group no. 2: evaluating the effect of heat-killed baker’s yeast extraction on cancer cells killing.

group no. 3: evaluating the effect of (bio-synthesized gold/ yeast nanocomposites) on cancer cells killing.

what is the result?

The results of this study showed that the bio-synthesized gold/ yeast nanocomposites group have a higher effect on the destruction of cancerous cells more than group no.1 or group no. 2; therefore this combination gives new and more effective Cancer treatment pathway 

Recommendations: the baker’s yeast which used in the preparation of food is a vital treatment when combined with gold nanoparticles to give us a new and unique treatment for cancer disease, and Recent Research studies site recommends in vivo study


Yasser A. Attia, Yassmeen E. Farag, Yasser M. A. Mohamed, Akaber T. Hussein, Tareq Youssef, “Photo-extracellular synthesis of gold nanoparticles using Baker’s yeast and their anticancer evaluation against Ehrlich ascites carcinoma cells”, New J. Chem., 2016,40, 9395-9402.

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Yasmeen, (Bachelor degree + diploma in biochemistry) + (Master degree from the national institute of laser enhanced science in photobiology and cancer treatment)

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